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Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

Nassau BOCES is offering multiple turnkey sessions for Nassau County administrators whose responsibility it is to evaluate teachers/principals.

NEW:  It has been two years since Nassau BOCES first brought you information on the APPR. We would like to gather information from our component districts in an effort to better meet your needs as we move forward. With this in mind, please take one to two minutes to answer a quick survey and let us know the software/systems you are using for teacher and principal evaluation.Thank you for your cooperation.


The link to the survey:


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On May 28, 2010, New York State enacted historic legislation that sets a new course for teacher and school leader effectiveness by requiring annual evaluations based in significant part on student achievement. This new law not only fundamentally changes the way teachers and principals are evaluated, but requires that such evaluations be a significant factor in decisions relating to promotion, retention, tenure, and differentiated professional support and professional development. The law also provides an expedited disciplinary process for the removal of ineffective teachers and principals (Chapter 103 of the Laws of 2010). The state will build on this new law to recognize outstanding teachers by establishing criteria for supplemental compensation and new career paths.

Press Release describing legislative reform:




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